Sunday, 11 April 2010

Oli's 1st Birthday

Excuse my lack of blogging/blog reading this weekend, I've had a weekend full of party preparation . I didn't quite realize how much was involved in a party. Remind me next year to start planning his 2nd Birthday Party at least a month before the occasion!

From making the food to washing down the outdoor toys , it's been a long week/weekend. I spent the whole of the day before on my feet getting last minute things ready all for just 2 hours on the actual day which just flew by. By the time we had arrived , played , sang happy birthday and ate lots of food it was soon time to clear up and go home.

It was a great two hours though! We had hired out the closest hall we could find to us and filled it with every toy/object Oli owned and then packed it full of his friends (well the ones that turned up! I wont go out about how annoyed I was about people saying yes they would come the day before and not turning up after all the effect I went too to make sure there party bags were suitable! )

Oli enjoyed himself , as soon as we bought him into the hall he went WALKING (He can walk!! :D) off to play with his friends & the toys.