Sunday, 16 May 2010

Are You Sleeping With Your Blackberry?

I might as well be sleeping with my mobile , It's the last thing I look at before going to bed but then it's also the first thing I look at when I wake up.

What am I looking for exactly?

Am I hoping it give me the answer to all those unanswered questions/miracle cure too all illness's?

Well I'm not , I am just feeding my social networking addiction. I admit now that I am somewhat addicted to twittering/blogging/other social networks – who isn't now a days?

But I do know how to control my addiction, I know who & what comes first. I will happily give Oli attention over my blackberry/laptop and so I should. It's my responsibility as his Mother and I don't want him to grow up thinking I loved my other 'babies' more then him.

Today's world is slowly being dominated by social networking and the world wide web. When I left school facebook was just slowly rising in popularity. Myspace/Faceparty were more popular and the place to be on the web. But things changed, more & more people got a facebook and today it is the place to arrange those last minute drinks and parties. It is replacing the birthday card , why go to the effort of buying/sending a card when at the click of the button you can say happy birthday.

People are using it to arrange Christenings/Birthday Parties – both of which I have been invited to via facebook. I'm not saying I agree with this , I'm still a traditional girl and would much rather send a personalized birthday card/invitation then use the cyberworld too. But it is the way the world is going. The last general election we could send in postal votes , it wont surprise me if come the next election we could do it online.

Blackberry's/iphones are helping us to take this addition out of the comfort of our living rooms/offices and into the real world. You can sit in a coffee shop and twitter away , yes this can be done with a laptop but then can you walk down the road whilst browsing the shops and twitter – No you cant do that with a laptop.

Are laptops going to one day be what cassette are too my time? Almost extinct? With the launch of the ipad and these phones that can pretty much do anything the laptop can will we still need them?

When I go on holiday I wont need to miss my laptop/PC as my blackberry can do what they can. I can take & share photos at the click of the button , check & send emails , check my social networks and of course make calls. But is calling on its way out? What would you rather do – send a quick email/tweet or phone. I shamefully would rather send a email or use twitter. Has being behind the computer for so long made me shy and forget how to talk on the phone? Probably.

Do you think social networking is becoming more a negative or a positive change in our lives & future and are you sleeping with your blackberry?