Monday, 10 May 2010

Little Blue Lines

When a lovely friend of mine asked if she could guest post on my blog , I could not say no! especially after reading her post, I look forward to passing your comments on to her.

Firstly thanks to Emma , who you all know as MeTheManAndBaby for letting me guest post - I've never done this before!

Its that time of the month again..... the world of a girl trying to get pregnant.

I've woken today, after promising myself that I wouldn't do a pregnancy test until Friday , as that will be the 32nd day of my cycle, really, really wanting to do a test. You know, I've never ever ever taken much notice of my cycle, but now I know it as much you could anything. Its crazy really, isn't it?

I mustn't though - I've had the heartache far too many times of doing this & it being a negative result. This time I feel different though, we've been trying SO much (too much information? - sorry!) & I really want it to happen this month.

The choices;

  • If I do a test, and its positive, I shall be elated - but would I be able to tell my husband - I promised him this time I wouldn't do it.
  • If I do a test and its negative, I will be kicking myself for not waiting and will safe myself heartache today, but will still get it when my period arrives.

When you were trying to get pregnant, did you early test, or were you more patient?

I am such a patient person, normally - what is it about babies that make you (or, well me!) like this?! Its ridiculous.

I just don't know what I want to do! Hoping I'll see two little blue lines soon though!