Monday, 5 July 2010

CyberMummy 2010

On Saturday where could you find 200ish bloggers all under one roof?

Of course at the Ibis hotel in London at the CyberMummy 2010 conference. What a fantastic weekend it was , I'm still recovering from all the fun & frolics today hence why me & Oli are having a PJ day.
As I write this I'm sat in a sea of freebies , the first bag was given as soon as we registered. We then walked into a room where we were greeted with stands such as (I'm still gutted that I didn't get either a cake or a underwater camera!) , who had goodie bags filled with baby lotion , breast pads , nappy cream .. all the baby essentials. The lovely ladies at the stall gave me a nappy bin to take home with me - seriously want your man to change nappies then get one these , mine was fascinated by it! I may just have to write some reviews of the fabulous products I got my claws on.

Enough about the freebies.. what about the day itself? Why were we at CyberMummy? We were there to attend cyberlabs , learn , socialize , network , eat , drink and have lots & lots of fun. I'm pretty sure I can say I achieved all of those things. It was simply overwhelming to meet the woman (and /Tim ) who I've been exchanging tweets with/reading blogs of/exchanging comments & the odd email over the last couple of years.
The moment I walked into the room with /Gayle who kindly gave me a lift , we were greeted with people who knew us and we knew them without necessary meeting before.. You know what I mean!! The lovely /Emma came running and we were quick to exchange hugs.. strange how you've never met someone before but it just feels like you've know them for years and it was the norm just to meet up like this.

Ok.. I'm babbling, I'm just going to go straight ahead and share some photos from the weekend. I wish I could of took more but my camera broke down on me and wanted to take photos in yellow! But if you wanted to check out some seriously cool photos from the likes of /Jay and /Liz then head over to the that Liz set up.

The Panel - What Makes A Good Post? , , , & Supersavvyme

Me & a fellow Huggies Mummy! Photo taken by /Jen

/Gayle's cyberlab "you b****" . You can see Pippa's liveblog of this over at A Mothers Ramblings.

/Emma handing me wine to drink at 3pm

/Vic & /Amy baby swapping!

The Ready For Ten pub quiz ... /Pippa

Sharing the love /Jay & @lindaSjones/Linda

I think what Kat is trying to say is follow her who I want to say a BIG thank you to for letting me share a bedroom with! Still surprised it was me rolling into bed at 3am and not her!

Gorgeous bloggy women - /Kelly , @YoungMummyUK/Heather , @porridgebrain/Josie , /Claire , /Sian & /Jay.

Linda providing the evening entertainment!

/Jo "put your hands up in the air" /Sian

My swag!

HUGE Thank You to Jen , Susanna and Sian for organising Cybermummy and a HUGE special Thank You to James , Jen & the rest of the ladies at /Huggies who sponsored me to go to CyberMummy 2010.

Bring on CyberMummy 2011!!