Monday, 26 July 2010

Millets Maize Maze

On Saturday we were invited by some rather lovely people to come and have a day out at the Maize Maze at the Millets Farm Centre in Oxfordshire and to celebrate it opening for the summer.

We had a fantastic day with some fantastic people (Pippa , Catherine , Paula , Gayle , Vic and their families) . The day started with some briefing on the day ahead by one of the members of staff (who were all very friendly & welcoming!) I unfortunately had to miss this as Oli was more interested in playing in the huge sandpit with Top Ender & Baby Boy. Pippa did fill me in with the necessary safety information about how we raise our flag if we get lost in the maize maze.

Top Ender & Baby Boy

We took to the maize maze with Gayle & Moo , we did get lost at a couple of turnings.

Oli leading the way

Moo & Oli

Spot Gayle!

After completing that one we took up the challenge of a more difficult/longer maize maze where we bumped into Vic , TB & Alex . I say bumped , we saw TB waving from the top of a slide. Oli was rather insistent about going up the stairs to go down the slide himself (with some help from Mummy!) I do have video footage of this but will share in another post once I figure out video editing. Do head over to Pippa's blog though for video footage of me & Top Ender crawling though a bale of hay (I apologise in advance for the bottom view!) .

You're going the wrong way boys!

We were treated to a freshly made lunch , the chef from the on site restaurant who put it together came and spoke to use about the ingredients which are either grown on site to use or sourced locally. The egg sandwich I had was delicious along with the chocolate muffin. We took a slice of lemon cake home which we shared after lunch yesterday , it was simple divine.

Just outside the maize was some a circus skills workshop (the theme for this years maize maze is clowin' about) . Oli watched open mouth whilst they juggled and span diabolos in the air.

The courtyard was packed full of fun activities from trampolines , floor games to a large bouncy castle which Oli & Moo had fun bouncing on.

Teaching Oli how to play noughts & crosses

Me & TB on the carousel - I've never been on one before today

TB wanted to push the pram - I wasn't going to say no!

We kindly got given a voucher which gave us a free punnet of strawberries from the pick your own fields. Something else I've never done before either. It was rather therapeutic to be hunting out on the perfect red ones to pick. I did get rather ocd with making sure mine were totally red and I was quick to snap at TB who wanted to steal my biggest one! Please remind me when it's the right time to plant some strawberries as I would love to grow my own!

We topped the day off by visiting the farm shop to purchase some yummy watermelon and homemade apple juice.

Thank You to Hallane , & all the staff for a wonderful day out! We already plan on returning before summer is over.

If your interested in visiting the Maize Maze then visit the website where you can see details of opening times and entry prices.