Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Eating Out With A Toddler

Walking into a restaurant and we grab a table for three , we grab a highchair and sit Oli in it. We order a round of drinks whilst Oli sits quietly , maybe even crayoning.
We then order food, we grab meals that are not food to go or something I could eat with my hands. A proper meal in which I could use both a knife & fork. We order Oli something which he could eat with his hands or a spoon. We eat as a family , we talk in a relaxed atmosphere and then once dinner is finished we order a pudding. We then go home all satisfied with smiles on our faces.

If only..

This is what really happens..

Walking into a restaurant and we grab a table for three. Oli's already playing up as he clearly doesn't want to be in there, he would much rather be running around.
We grab a highchair and attempt to put him in it , he screams and kicks. We give him crayons and toys but he throws them on the floor. If we give him any kind of food that also joins the crayons on the floor. This continues until we either grab something in the form of a sandwich which we barely have chance to chew , we eat at lightning speed just so that we can get out and get Oli home or we don't grab any food , we just give up and go straight home.

I long so much to go out for a meal in the evening at a local pub like we did when Oli was a little baby. I cant go out for lunch during the day simply because I cant deal with aggro and stress it causes. When people suggest meeting for a coffee I have to make up some kind of excuse as the only coffee I can do is when it's in my own home when Oli is free to run wild.
I fear being in any situation where I have to stop with the pram/sit down in public with him , he just doesn't like to be still. Could this just be another phrase which he should grow out of? Will I soon get that sit down family meal in a public place?