Sunday, 18 July 2010

The £9.50 Sun Holiday Challenge

For a bit of fun I was challenged by The Sun to buy something more exciting with £9.50 then a fabulous holiday.

We're not ones to turn down a challenge so we happily accepted but it was only when the £9.50 arrived that we truly struggled to thing of something. What is exactly more exciting then a holiday?
We searched the Internet for ideas and we trawled town for what seemed like hours in the hunt for something that excited us more then a holiday.

We even asked total strangers and the reply we got was that there isn't anything more exciting then a holiday , especially a holiday that only costs £9.50 . What great help they were.
So we decided to think outside of the box , to me what excites me more then a weekend/week away? The answer was staring me straight in the face.

This to me is more exciting then a holiday...

Watching my Son play with his toys , so we took the £9.50 and bought Oli some new toys with it. Watching him play happily with them was both exciting for him and us. Which to me is money well spent.

Could you buy something more exciting then a holiday with £9.50?

Of course we will be collecting the vouchers , as a family on a budget you cant go wrong with a £9.50 Sun holiday. Start collecting your tokens now!