Monday, 1 November 2010

Farewell Cassette Walkman

So we bid farewell to the Sony Cassette walkman, another ancient bit of technology which faced extinction thanks to its cousin 'The mp3 player'.

I've never really been bothered before about stuff that I grew up with falling victim to the modern day and modern creations, but I am genuinely sad to see the end of the cassette walkman. I remember I use to often record songs from the radio on to cassette so that I could listen to them on-the-go. I remember my first cassette tape being Jason Donovan, oh how I played that tape over & over again!

It's got me thinking though about other things which have vanished over the years.

I dealt with the blow of the end of the megadrive quite well I think, but mainly because I still have one attached to our bedroom TV which permanently has Sonic stuck in. How anyone could ever get bored of Sonic is beyond me! Can you tell I was a 90s child?

Seriously.. what happened to toys falling out of the cereal box? I remember one day fighting over the cereal box with my brothers over who got the toy, the next minute we were fighting over who got to collect which token to send for the toy. We would end up having a token each and resulting in no toy at all.
I know they were most likely stopped because people could choke on them/small parts/the paint from the toy could rub off on the cereal etc.. but still.. wasn't it just fun to pour your cereal and have a toy pop out into your bowl!!

All I can say about these is THANK GOD they have gone. What were Bernard Matthews thinking when they bought these to our dinner tables. My mother use to torture me by giving these as a teatime meal, they were disgusting and of course my mother used to be burn them so they tasted even more rank. Thankfully Bernard Matthews discontinued them in 2005.

One of my favourite crazes that hit when I were at school were 'jelly shoes'. That mean mother of mine never bought me a pair but I did get passed down some from a cousin that she had outgrown, ok I missed wearing them when the craze was actually happening but I still got to experience those jelly heeled shoes. Looking at them now I'm not sure why they ever went out of fashion, they look so funky. Have to admit that they were not the comfiest of shoes to wear, they rubbed like crazy and when my feet got warm they would slip around but of course this was something you were willing to overlook for the sake of fashion.

I think I was the last of my generation to use these as a way to back up your computer work. At college we were introduced to USB sticks and had to save our work on these as the computers didn't even have slots for our floppy discs. I suppose it wont be long until USB sticks are replaced with something else, something tinier and more technical looking.

This pocket sized play set was my favourite thing to play with for years! Whilst my brothers were outside kicking the ball through the shed windows and causing other trouble that I, I would be curled up on my box (I had a huge box thing in my room as I was just over the stairs) playing with my Polly Pockets and really using my imagination to create little stories and scenes.
They were tiny, and that's what made them so different from the other toys I had such as my Barbies. I remember not long after I grew out of my 'Polly Pocket' stage they bought out a larger size version of the little figures, to me that just so wrong as part of the main attraction of the Polly Pockets was that is was a miniature play set. The boys had a version called Mighty Max.

If there's one program I wish to make a comeback it would be Dinosaurs, this program was just hilarious! Anyone who watched the Dinosaurs will of course be familiar with the phrase 'not the mama!' which was often screamed by Baby Sinclair. I would be one proud mama if I can get Oli to shout this at his Daddy. I often sit and watch repeats over on youtube along with goosebumps and other 90s programs that put today's TV to shame.

Is there anything you miss from your heyday that has vanished?