Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cross dressing or harmless fun?

There's been some controversy about the mother who dressed her 5 year old son as a female character for a pre-school Halloween party over in America. The female character was Daphne from Scooby Doo. The mother has been branded a crazy loon for doing so and is now battling allegations of her son being gay.

I actually think a huge fuss has gathered over nothing. The child is 5, I doubt he even knows what gay/lesbian is, so why is he/his mum receiving remarks about her son being gay?? I'm pretty sure from the age of 3 upwards I used to dress my brothers in girls clothes, I even remember once that my brother actually left the house in one of my nurses dress up outfit. He even wore a bikini once for a party, did any of that mean he was gay? Not at all. If it was anything it was fun and was what my brother wanted to do.

Just like this 5 year old did. He wanted to dress up as a character he admired and respected. It was Halloween, isn't the whole point of it to wear outfits out of the ordinary? The Mother is a fellow blogger who blogs, her last post which defended her actions (not like she had any need to do) was at 41,799 comments last I looked. I hate to imagine how many of those comments are not very nice comments.

I would have no problem at all if at the age of 5 Oli turned round and wanted to wear a 'female character' outfit. If at the age of 14 he wants to wear female underwear and dresses then I may have a concern then. To me a young child dressing up as the opposite sex is harmless fun. My son much prefers programs like Dora & Peppa Pig over programs like Bob The Builder does this mean he has gay tendencies?? FFS just let the kids be kids!

Would you have a issue with your male child dressing as a female? Or how about your female child dressing as a male?