Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Christmas Trees & Toddlers

We all know Toddlers don't mix with many things, be it that biro pen you left lying around or that plate of cakes you didn't think he would see resulting in lots of crumbs.

But how about the Christmas Tree?

It's coming up to that time of the year where Tree's (do you do real or fake?) are either being bought or are coming down from the attic (where do you store yours?) ready to be put up and decorated. (when do you put yours up?)

But how do you keep it safe from your toddler who can be worse then a bull in a China shop at times and most importantly how do you keep you keep your toddler safe from it?

Try and teach them that the tree isn't to be touched, they need to learn that it's one of those items in life that isn't to be touched but admired, I suppose there's no better time then to learn that now.

This is more of a common sense one really, any breakable/sentimental put towards the top of the tree. We don't plan on putting any kind of glass ornaments on our tree until he's old enough to understand that Christmas Tree's are just to be looked at only. It's juts not worth him 'accidentally' bumping into the tree, smashing them and possibly hurting himself in the process. Last year we left off anything which was a choke able risk as he was in the 'lets put everything and anything in my mouth' stage.

Try a wide stand which should help any toppling over, I've even read about how some people tie it to something, that's where something like the curtain hooks could be handy I suppose. You could try to anchor it to the wall. Still got those round baby gates? Could always try blocking off the tree area with that guaranteeing the presents and the tree are safe from toddler hands.

Explore the tree on a daily basis if they are really interested in the tree, try to do a daily rearrange of the decorations. I plan on putting some Chocolates on our tree this year, not only do they have to survive my chocolate cravings but they also have to survive on chocolate crazy toddler. If this is something that draws him into the tree I will take them off and store-them-somewhere-safe-possible-my-belly. These may also not be a good idea with any animals such as cats that may want to snack on them and potentially pull the tree down. But it's ok to realise that once you've bought the chocolates! ;)

Supervise them at all times and do not leave them alone with the tree especially if your toddler is not the laid back kind and likes to cause destruction on a daily basis like mine is. It's just not worth the hassle of coming back from the toilet to find feet sticking out from under a tree and the cry of 'oopsie mummy'.

Failing all that and you've either given up on the second hour of having it up and ave decide before hand that it just wasn't worth the hassle, put it in a different room or try a small tree which can be put somewhere little hands cannot get to it.

Lastly and most importantly - try and get them to join in! Stick some Christmas music on, make some mince pies and have fun decorating the tree together. Lift them up at the end to put either the star or angel (or both!) on top of the tree and watch their face light up as you switch on the lights at the end.

Good luck and have fun!!