Monday, 22 November 2010

For Sale : Baby Walker

For Sale* - One Vtech First Steps Baby Walker

Year 2009, 2 owners, comes with built in phone, 20 miles, white with design, superb drive, yellow alloys, factory fitted body kit, in built music with adjustable volume, MOT expires 25/12/10, registration plate - 123OLI.

Slight mark on the body work from crash, no brakes, dead battery, no manual, no tax, sadly no inbuilt GPS.

Last night as I was just drifting off to sleep I heard this noise, my first thoughts were that it was just someone walking past the house and talking rather loudly. Then the sound started to sound like a cat being strangled, I was wetting myself at this point. I realised it was one of Oli's toys going off so quickly ran down to turn it off before it woke Oli up. It was Oli's baby walker and the batteries were dying hence the strangled cat sound.

I am currently taking batteries out of all his battery operated toys.**

Have you ever experienced toy malfunction which has scared the living daylights into you?

*Not actually for sale, it's going in the loft as soon as possible!
**The batteries can stay in, the toys can go!