Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pregnancy Lows

Peggy from A Mother' Secrets had requested posts on Pregnancy Lows... So I thought I'd share my pregnancy lows with you.

Pregnancy Low Number 1...
The Bleeding.. A few weeks into the pregnancy I was taken into hospital with severe abdominal pain and bleeding. I didn't know bleeding was a danger during pregnancy until the doctor who was called out to see me explained what bleeding could mean so early on. The doctor explained I could have be having a ectopic pregnancy so I was sent to the hospital to get checked out.

So after just getting used to the idea of being pregnant and becoming a mother I was faced with the thought of losing my baby.
I was probed (The most demeaning and mortifying thing ever to have happened to me..well I thought that up until I experienced labour!) and scanned .
And then the doctor explained to me that all was ok and gave me a scan photo which showed my little baby - who currently looked like a bubble!

Just a little yolk sac..

Pregnancy low number 2...
Fainting... A few weeks later , I was taken back to hospital again as I repeatedly kept fainting but my blood pressure was normal so the doctor thought it best for me to get checked over at the hospital again. All was fine... I was scanned again (Normally this time- By normal I mean externally not internally..) and I got to see my baby on the screen as lovely as this was, I was starting to get scared. I was terrified that I was going to be in and hospital for the next 9 month's. I was told just to take it easy.. which was ok as I stopped working due to my next pregnancy low...

Tiny Fetus

Pregnancy low number 3...
Sickness..... What I didn't mention with all the other lows....Was that from day 1 I was sick and not just in the morning. I was sick every minute of every day. The night times were the worse!! It was how I knew I was pregnant. I could barely eat during the first 5month's.. But baby was perfectly fine and healthy. The doctors did give me some tablets but these didn't help at all , so I was left to try every other anti sickness aid out there.. which also didn't work. I stopped working as I just didn't have the energy and of course I was constantly needing a bucket or anything hollow close to hand! Luckily when it came to the last couple of months it had settled and it was just the now and again odd horrid smell that made me run to the bathroom.

12 Weeks..

Pregnancy Low Number 4 ...
Gall Stones ... I had tummy ache continuously during pregnancy but always put it down to the constant kicks and punches my insides received.
But when it came down the last few month's and the pain got so bad, I had to into hospital.
I was always just monitored and then scanned and discharged with them just putting it down to to the baby, and to come back if I got the pain again. Which I did.. Every other week!!

At one point I was took upstairs to the delivery ward where I had a injection to mature Oli's lungs in case they had to deliver. I was strapped to a monitor where it showed tightening's, I was pretty freaked out by all this . If it wasn't for the morphine I think I would of been in one BIG panic... I wasn't even close to full term, had nothing for him and wasn't even mentally prepared to start motherhood right there and then!!

Thankfully all turned out ok in the end.. everything went back to normal. I still had the pain leading right up to the pregnancy .

We found out a month after having Oli (After experiencing even more pain!) that I had developed gall stones. So all along it was this that had inflamed causing pain but obviously they always thought it was Oli causing it and didn't pick it up on the scan because he was in the way!

20 Weeks.. )

11th April 2009 - Oli was born into this world, with no problems at all and a labour of 5 hours.


  1. 11 October 2009 00:20

    Makes me not want to get pregant again. LOL I was on bed rest after 4 months because I was bleeding and 75% effeaced and 2 centimeters dialated. Bad pregnancy, easy birth.

  2. 11 October 2009 00:55

    Seems most of us have horror stories of pregnancies and those who don't just make me want to beat them up.....just kidding. I had many of the same problems so many years ago, even the gall stones and removal.

    Blessings on your journey with your sweet little Oli!


  3. 11 October 2009 01:45

    with my first pregnancy I had nausea for 7 months, the 2nd it was 2 weeks :-)

  4. 11 October 2009 05:38

    Isn't it crazy how we so easily will go through all that again? That's love.

    I hear ya about the sickness too. That's how I was with Tristan really really badly and Isaac just badly. :)

    I think we're probably done having kids...but I don't want to say "I'm done." I want the option still, you know?

  5. 11 October 2009 14:33

    Y' know, I didn't have any of those symptoms. Aren't I lucky?

  6. 11 October 2009 18:11

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    Good luck!

  7. 12 October 2009 07:56

    i am still a student so no babies for me for a while and im kinda dreading it a little...

    thaks for stopping by my blog!!


    Lady Sunflower

  8. 12 October 2009 10:37

    Thanks for your contribution! It will be up on A Mother'Secrets sometime today x

  9. Uninvoked14 October 2009 04:25

    I can't wait. ^^ Pain and all. Sorry to hear of your problems, and I'm glad you have little Oli to make up for it.