Thursday, 1 October 2009

So Today Was Kinda Crazy..

It started with the whole 'getting ID for spoons' I was still rather angry about it and thought I would send a email to my local paper - The Evesham Journal. I didn't know if they would be interested and if so I thought it would just be a little box. I just wanted to share my anger with people.Well they emailed straight back asking if they could ring me .. and then 5 minutes later I had a photographer round taking a photo of me in my back garden holding a teaspoon and my ID Card.

As reluctant as I was to have my photo on the paper, I didnt really mind as I know about 10 people here in Evesham. I didn't know it would cause such a stir in the media world (Ha-stir!)

We came home from shopping in Worcester (Was meant to be birthday shopping for me but ended up buying Oli a whole load of new things including a new pram!) to about 30 missed calls.. whilst trying to find out who they were from , it rang.. Media People... and Again.. And again.. Meanwhile someone turns up at the door - a reporter. Everyone wanted my spoon story that they had seen in the Evesham Journal.

We had calls & people at the door . We didn't know what to do, we just didn't say anything.. But they still used what was in the local paper and shared it on.

Crazy Times...

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  1. 3 October 2009 14:08

    don't worry, I have no friends here either. :)

    And how fun to be in the paper, especially for something people will be upset about (or at the very least confused haha).

    What is a pram?