Friday, 2 October 2009

My Day Of Fame

Ok .. So overnight.. It went national... The teaspoon story is EVERYWHERE!!
I had numerous facebook messages , txt and phone calls telling me to check out a certain newspaper/website...

My first phone call was from my Aunt who was traveling to work in London and heard my name mentioned on the Radio 4 show and once on the tube she read about it in the metro...

I thought that was crazy but as the day went on... I found myself to have been in several newspapers.. 4 of them rather popular and well read around the UK..
I was also mentioned on The Wright Show on Channel 5...

I typed in my name followed by teaspoons into Google which bought up all this.. and yes what follows is rather a lot of websites that mention MY NAME! AND MY SILLY ID ISSUE...

Oh the public embarssment... I'm not going to live this down for sometime!!

You cant really see them.. But you get the jist...

A Random Forum Thread

A Tangled Web

Anorak News

Daily Mail Online - Front Page Of The Website

Mail Online

Daily Mail Comment Section - My Uncle Bernard In Canada

Digital Spy

Discussion on MSN


Fox News

ID Supplies

Live Leak

My Local Paper - The Evesham Journal - Where all this started!!!


News for smart people - But I don't think they are all that smart seeing as they spelt my name wrong and got many more details wrong!

Page 14 of The Metro

Prison Planet

Some Chinese (?) Website

The Empire Chronicles

The Mirror

The Seferm Post - I was actually headlines on this website!


Even More Twitter!!

So anyone for my autograph?


  1. 3 October 2009 13:13

    Congratulations and GOD BLESS, andrea

  2. 3 October 2009 14:09

    look at you, Miss Popular! You will be teeming with friends with all this publicity! Everyone wants a pretty friend ;)

  3. 3 October 2009 18:31

    Oh my goodness... That is very funny! You're an international sensation1

  4. 5 October 2009 10:18

    Emma - telephone call for you. It's a Mr Clifford, Max I think he said his name was...

  5. 5 October 2009 11:46

    OMG! Thats hilarious. What did they think you were going to do with at teaspoon? Threaten someone with it or flick their head with it?

    Cant stop laughing.

    Congrats on the publicity though, always nice to have something cheery in the news.