Thursday, 15 October 2009

Embarrassed Much?

I think if my Mother would of turned up to my school fete looking like something straight of the rocky horror show.. I would of died of embarrassment!!

Victoria Beckham Aka.. Posh Spice wore a £11,000 outfit to Romeo's school fete. I personally would not of paid £10 for it.

She wore a pair of studded leather trousers, A leather jacket which must still have the hanger attached and the shoes.. Check out the heels on those bad boys! My back is still recovering from one pregnancy!!

I suppose it is part of a Mothers job to embarrass their child at some point on their life. I wonder how I'm going to embarrass my son in the future.


  1. 15 October 2009 16:34

    LOL it totally does look like she has the hanger attached to it. those must be some industrial shoulder pads. LOL She is ridiculous. LOL

  2. 15 October 2009 16:40

    OMG I agree about coathanger LOL! What I don't understand with all the mum celebs is how the clothes never get sick/sticky fingers/chocolate/insert stain of choice. I don't even bother wearing anything half decent unless I'm in a child-free zone! (Mind you my good outfit would cost £11 not £11,000!)

    PS I'm new to mummy blogging but have been enjoying your blog so there's an award for you over at my blog. Apologies if you've had it already - I don't really know what I'm doing (with awards, motherhood, life in general...)

  3. 15 October 2009 17:11

    Oh Emma, how funny!

    The shoes need a clear platform bottom and Posh looks like she nees a pole!

  4. 15 October 2009 17:16

    I promise, PROMISE, to never embarrass any of my sons in that particular fashion (forgive the pun!).

  5. 15 October 2009 17:37

    If I could fit into that , I'd wear it. Better that than the ugly windpants my mom used to wear (still wears?)

  6. 15 October 2009 17:59

    WOW!!!! I would kill to have a body like that! WHOAH!!!

    I'm stuck with the body I have. It's great. It still gts me from point A to point B. And i have a hubby that adores me, so I am ok, right?

  7. 15 October 2009 18:01

    I've never been much of a heel kinda gal. I wonder what she would wear on the field trip to the farm?

  8. 15 October 2009 23:34

    I think she's embarassing period...she needs to eat a cheeseburger and stop wearing clothes like that!

  9. Theta Mom16 October 2009 01:58

    Yeah, a little too rockstarish, but I must say she looks freaking amazing, although I liked her better as a blonde.

  10. 17 October 2009 19:39

    My kids never had to worry about me going around looking like that!LOL ;) He doesn't seem to embarrassed though...

    ROFL about the comment above wondering what she would wear on a field trip to the farm!hehe Probably something similar.