Thursday, 5 May 2011

Missing : One's kicks & thrills in life

It dawned on me earlier on the way back from visiting the lovely that I've somehow lost my sense of thrills in life, I'm yabbering on about those roller coasting moments where your body is being jerked about, where something can go wrong at any minute which can result in a grazed knee or worse - a broken leg! It was as I was gripping on for dear life as my friend drove down windy/bendy country roads that I realised those kind of kicks in my life have vanished. I know it sounds kind of crazy but there's just something about being shot around the sky at a incredible speed which makes you feel alive.

I used to love thrills of all kind before Oli came along. Before my body experienced a pregnancy and motherhood you were most likely to find it tearing up the local skate park or thrill seeking in the nearest theme park. Since he came along my feet have wanted to nowhere but firmly on the ground, the only thing I go near with wheels is that pram of his. Has becoming a mother really done this to me, It was like a switch went off in my head that said put down that skateboard and pick up that cross stitch instead. Is this just all part of growing up? Will I always be the one in the future taking photos and standing waiting whilst my friends and one day my own son tear up the theme park and ride those fast body jerking roller coasters.

Have I just got myself into the habit of finding thrills from the television in the evenings whilst sinking coca cola & tucking into a pizza.We get out lots and do many different activities but nothing which makes my heart skip a beat like doing kickflips on a skateboard. Maybe I can look into surf lessons now I'm near the sea but can my heart actually take these kind of thrills anymore?

For now I'm going to continue to lap up the thrills this little boy gives me in life. After all these are the best kind of thrills a mother could ask for!

What are your thrills in life like? Have yours changed as much as mine?