Monday, 9 May 2011

Where the magic happens..

My fellow bloggers are getting greedy! First Sally wants to see the inside of my fridge and now Jen wants to see my entire kitchen! Jen showed us a recording of her kitchen and asked me, Sally, Pippa & Vic to do the same. I'm going to cheat (sorry Jen!) and use photo's to show you my kitchen straight from my iPhone as we moved house only just yesterday and I have no clue where either my clip camcorder or digital camera is! So hope you don't mind this photo tour instead.

The kitchen is one of my favourite rooms in the house, despite my new one being slightly smaller then my last I'm still very much in love with it. How can you not when it contains a fridge full of food and a coffee pot full of espresso!! I'm quite impressed at how quickly we got everything unpacked and sorted for the kitchen on Saturday when we moved in, the only task we had to do yesterday was fill the fridge/freezer with food.

These were of course the first things to be unpacked in the kitchen, I'm rather fond of my pink cups and could quite happily decorate the kitchen in lots of pretty pink kitchen equipment!

I love LOVE my kitchen gadgets, the ones on the sides are the ones which get abused the most. If you were to look in the cupboards you would find many more.. Yes I'm Emma and I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets. Here's my Soda Stream and my Philips hand blender.

I got sent this rather cool halogen oven to review from Clifford James which has transformed the way I cook meals, everything from cheese on toast to my roast chicken. Next to it is my toaster which has a handy egg cooker thingy attached to the side, perfect for lazy mornings when I want egg on toast without getting the frying pan out.

My messy windowsill which is just full of stuff which I've not found a home for yet.

A fridge isn't a fridge without fridge magnets, the top half is full of my fridge magnets where as the bottom half is full of Oli's magnets for him to play with.

So you nosy lot, there's my kitchen. Now to tag some other bloggers who can show me their kitchen. The Mummy Life , and 1 more means 4... and 1 more, Domestic Goddesque, Emma and Three and Tim over at Bringing Up Charlie who I'm pretty sure never did the fridge post that I tagged him in.