Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The shameful fridge

I've been forced held at gun point brainwashed overpowered challenged by Sally over at Who's the Mummy along with Vic, Jen & Pippa to blog our fridges. Yes our fridges. She wants to know exactly what is in our fridge.

I've probably chosen the worse day possible to show you mine as it's the day before the big food shop and a day after a birthday tea party so it's looking rather sorry for itself. Thankfully the leftover Chinese is hidden behind the bacon but you can see tonight's lazy tea of chicken tikka slices over in the far left next to the out of date coleslaw and endless supply of children's yogurts.

After seeing Sally's fridge and seeing that her ratio of beer to food was greater, I realised that was way more shameful then my lack of food. Pippa's fridge made me crave cherries where as Jen's fridge has me thinking she's a big mayo fan!

So Tim over at Bringing Up Charlie, Claire at The life of the 20 Something Mum, Amy at And 1 More Means 5 , Jo at Slummy Single Mummy and notsupermum what is in your fridge??