Friday, 29 April 2011

Match made in heaven..

No silly I'm not about William & Kate, I'm about me and Ikea. You know that big blue Swedish superstore which contains heavenly goods, mainly furniture at bargain prices and bags of little daim bars which is a necessary to buy every time you visit! I have a proper love/hate relationship with them, though it leans more towards the love side especially today. We decided to take full advantage of the fact most of the population was busy stuck to the TV watching the royal wedding to be shopping and out on the roads. Just look how busy the motorway was...

The boy also got treated to his first Ikea hot dog, despite a friend pointing out that we didn't have a clue what was in them or how come they were so cheap, we still wolfed down several of the things!

Of course I took full advantage of the storage options on sale and came back with many boxes and bags ready for moving day. I guess that's what I'll spend the rest of my day doing whilst the rest of Britain gets merry at BBQ's and street parties!

What did you do today? I'm guessing you watched the Royal Wedding or am I wrong?