Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Secret Hoarder

I'm probably not alone with what I've had hoarded away for the last couple of years, and if it wasn't for the fact I'm moving house I dread to think how many years it would of stayed up in my loft. For the last few years I've been building up a collection of items, it started after 9 months when I developed a attachment to certain items and just couldn't bare to get rid of them and then it's just continued right up until today where I'm still adding to it.

Can you guess what I've been hoarding?

Yes baby items! Some of these items collected are back from my pregnancy what with maternity pillows and clothes. I even have toddler items thrown into the mix. I wish I could say that was all of it in the photo but the truth is that it is about 5x the amount in the photo! I have kept all clothes, toys, feeding equipment and anything else you need when being a parent to a baby.

I don't know why I felt the need to hoard all of that, I could quite easily got rid of it on eBay/NCT sales as I went along but some part of me just wanted to keep it all, I guess that's the hoarder inside of me. I seem to do it with bags too, despite having ones that I no longer like or have long gone out of fashion I've managed to keep them in wardrobe and drawers just because I'm cant bare to part with them.

I'm going to be extremely nosy and ask Sally, Jen, Pippa & Vic.. What are you hoarding?