Monday, 30 May 2011

What not to do when your electricity goes..

What not to do...

Panic. Scream. Cry. Freak Out.

All of the above not only make you look about 6 years of age but make you feel like a fool when you realise it's only just a bit of darkness.

Don't back away from the letterbox in horror either, this also makes you look a little crazy.

Start thinking of horror movies and think that it was some man in a scream mask who got to the mains and cut it all off. Yes I have a overactive imagination.

Following on from that, don't forget it's the man sat next to you when you suddenly start hearing heavy breathing and want to attack him with the remote control.

Use the lack of electricity going to the fridge as a excuse to pig out. You'll only regret it come the morning when you're rolling around clutching your stomach.

Insist of going to the toilet at the same time as the man, the boogeyman isn't going to get you if you're stood just outside the door. The same with insisting that he stays in the toilet whilst you go.

Sing as a form of entertainment, it's not pretty. Unless of course you can actually sing without sounding like a food blender.

What to do...

Stay calm and find candles. Not easy to do when you've not long moved into a house and they're in some unpacked box. Download torch app to other half's iphone and use this to find candles. Also use this to find matches in the kitchen, try not to trip over stray toddler toys.

Be prepared and have the following items to hand - torch, batteries for the torch failing that - candles, matches, snacks (ideally chocolate but anything with a shed load of calories does the trick), bottle (or 2) of wine and a blankie.

Use it to your advantage and make the most of the quietness, top up your wine glass, eat cake and lap up the snuggles with the man.