Friday, 25 September 2009

2nd Time Lucky?

I attempted to make some cakes again today!!

I got a premix pack again.. (Because I'm lazy and I find everything else complicated as it is!). Last time I got the icing completely wrong and only had a little bit so couldn't make anymore.. But this time I was more successful.. My cakes all got icing and even decorated..

I'm hoping that come Oli's first birthday I will be able to make him a Birthday cake and lots of little cakes for his party!!

I took some pic
s as I went along...

Ingredients at the ready.. This time I was prepared and had eggs.. No last minute run to the shops for them as I did last time!

In the Oven...

15mins later...

I struggled with the icing.. Because I destroyed it last time by adding too much water, I added it drop by drop!!

Cakes all iced! :)

All decorated with sprinkles & chocolate drops...

I'm rather chuff with how well my 2nd attempt went!! Bring on round 3! :D

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  1. 29 September 2009 19:42

    There is an amazing website called that has amazing, step-by-step instructions on different cakes and icings. I made a red velvet cake last Christmas and a white chocolate cake for The Boy's last bday using that site!

    P.S. Your decorations are lovely!