Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Chicken fillets anyone?

Since I became I've a mother I've had to dealt with lots of embarrassing incidents such as Oli pooping as a baby on the skirt I was wearing or the time when he kicked down my trousers whilst in his baby carrier when we were in a queue in the local shop. Somehow this latest embarrassment of mine just triumphs all that.

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not exactly well endowed when it comes to the boob department so I usually cheat and give myself a helping hand, but only when it comes to events like parties where dresses which show some cleavage come into play.

We had a wedding to go to last weekend so of course I had a little help with achieving my desired look. I popped them in that morning whilst get ready, I was reminded that I didnt need them and shouldn't wear them. If only I listened.

Couldn't help but to have a boogie when it came to the evenings disco. What I totally forgot is that I didn't stick some certain things down with tape so really should of skipped the 'jump around the room' songs. The first I heard of anything happening was when I headed back to the table to find everyone in hysterics. Between giggles they shared that my fillets had popped out whilst dancing. One of which had to be wrestled off a toddler who grabbed it to run around with. I dont think I've ever been so embrassed before! You can guess what went straight in the bin when we got home!