Saturday, 15 January 2011

Some things are best left to the experts

Things I have learnt today whilst 'attempting' to paint my bathroom...

When you other half suggest a tester pot before buying the actual paint, it is a good idea and should be done.

Wearing your partner's old clothes in a sexy way does not work for anyone especially when they are not actually old clothes.

Baby wipes cannot be used as masking tape.

Paint can look different on the wall to what it does in the paint tin. So when you're after a light colour and the colour could pass for black with the light off, you've made a BIG whoopsie.

Falling backwards into the bath tub can hurt.

Don't think it will be ok because after painting for a few minutes you will decide that you hate it but have to pretend to like it just so you don't hear 'I told you so'.

The toilet seat cant take my weight.

Coming down after 5 minutes of painting to google 'how do you paint' does not fill the other half with confidence.

Maybe asking the other half to take the radiator off before attempting to paint around it might be a clever idea.

Blue shows up in red hair.

Rollers are not as easy as they look to use, and neither are paint brushes.

Yes today people has been one BIG FAIL.