Thursday, 3 March 2011

The do's & don't of travelling with toddlers


  • Pack plenty of toys to keep the child entertained, pack your whole toy be if needs be. Much easier then wrestling a screaming toddler. Failing that attempt to stream postman pat on your smart phone which will keep him entertained for all of 7 minutes.

  • Use raisins and water as suitable snacks. Make sure the water isn't in a squirty bottle.

  • Pack spare clothes in case of nappy leakage, messy clothes or general abuse of their clothes.

  • Bring travel changing mat in case of toilet is out of order and you have to change on a seat.

  • Try and take someone along with you, always handy having a extra pair of hands to help you catch flying shoes/toys/snacks.

  • Try and travel when it's nap time leaving you hands free to chill with a coffee and muffin. Just don't expect people around you to be quiet, causing child to wake upon that first sip of latte.


  • Forget to put the breaks on, if you don't it means the pram goes wheeling half way down the train causing passengers to laugh and you much embarrassment.

  • Think it will be ok to give child felt tips instead of crayons to play with, you will end up at your destination with a child covered head to toe in felt which may or may not come off with a baby wipe. In my case it didn't.

  • Give milk chocolate buttons as a snack because its just silly of you. very silly.

  • Sugary snacks? Sillier then silly.

  • Bring packs of bacon flavoured crisp on board with you, these will stink the whole carriage out and cause passengers to give you the most disgruntled of looks.

  • Think you can ignore a dirty nappy. For your noses sake and the passengers change it if possible.