Friday, 4 March 2011

World Book Day

Thanks so much Emma for allowing me to guest post. My own blog Baby Budgeting is all about making and saving money as well as living as creatively as possible with an under 5 on a budget.

My children and I love to read and libraries are one of our most frequent hangouts. We have been reading Spring books (getting in the mood) for a while now. In honour of world book day this week here are a couple of our favourite that we are sure you will like too.

by Eric Carle: Picture Puffin (1997)

Seeds are a wonderful part of Spring and this is just the perfect story to start to think about how they grow. Eric Carle is as fabulous as ever and this is a marvelous story. When the tiny seed is blown away from its parent plant, it travels a very long way – over seas, deserts and mountains. The tiny seed survives the hazards of the journey and finally falls onto fertile earth. It grows and grows, becoming the tallest, biggest flower for miles around. A great book to preorder from the library.


by Sheridan Cain and Jack Tickle (Little Tiger Press; 2004)

This book is an absolute favourite in our house and has been adored by both my children. They have the pop up version. It follows the story of the caterpillar who so wants to fly yet all he seems to be able to do is munch his way through Spring. You can imagine how it ends with the most gorgeous final pop up butterfly. A lovely way to tell the caterpillar tale and one that children are endlessly fascinated by. I’d get a copy of this one for keeps

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