Friday, 12 February 2010

Green & Blacks

I was lucky enough to have every Women's/Bloggers dream come true and that was to receive a big pile of chocolate in the post. Now of course it didn't just appear , we got sent them by to 'test taste' oh what a hard life it is! ;)

Green & Blacks have recently announced that they are making all their chocolate bars and beverages fairtrade. To me that makes them stand out from the rest of the chocolate you find on the supermarket shelf's , I don't mind paying that extra 10/20p knowing that the cocoa farmers are getting a fair wage from it.

I wanted to get stuck straight in but for once the other half was sensible and explained how I should read the briefing letter before filling my face with Chocolate.
Which was a good idea because on these notes were some suggestions on how to heighten the chocolate tasting experience and how to prepare the chocolate for testing, these can also be found on the .

So now I was a expert in how to eat my chocolate , I started with my favorite
Butterscotch which tasted great , the crispy crunchy pieces are just to die for!

Creamy Milk bar just melts in the mouth , it went down so easily that it was literally just gone in 60 seconds!

Milk was just as good as the creamy , and this to be the easiest chocolate to melt by far . A chocolate that shall not be named takes ages , But just under a minute in the microwave and I had a smooth melted Green & Blacks milk chocolate.

White one was the other halfs favourite so I did just get 2 pieces from this to taste myself and had to beg for a few more so I could coat the biscuits in it. It was so sweet & milky, It contains real Madagascan vanilla which you can see clearly see in it.

Seeing as the other half doesn't like nuts , I managed to get the
Almond bar all to myself , Mmm.. It was packed full of delicious whole roasted Almonds , It wasn't half a job like other nutty chocolate bars, This one had gone the full whack!

I think the
Cherry is the perfect diet chocolate , as soon as you bite into it your hit with fruit. This one was juicy & full of flavor. At first when I saw a cherry chocolate bar I didn't think I would like it but it tasted completely different to what I thought it would taste!

Dark 70% was so smooth and full of flavour, It defiantly had those bittersweet chocolate aromas.

Now I'm not normally a dark chocolate fan but
Dark 85% was just irresistible , the smell of it just roped me in. I think I may of gone over to the dark side!

Whilst searching the I came across some rather and of course with the amount of chocolate I had received , I just had to use some on a recipe.
I chose the as I could use different chocolate and plus it was the easiest for a amateur cook like me to make!

Here's my attempt at making them, Yes I know they look completely different to the ones in the picture but they still taste rather nice , cant wait to make them again!

If you click on the link it will bring up the recipe for you to make them yourselves.

I'm off to finish off the leftover chocolate! :)


  1. 13 February 2010 17:24

    Arghhhh! That so, so makes my tummy go all rumbly for chocolate. How did you managed to get G&B to send it to you free?!

    I'm not a dark chocolate fan but the way you've sold it makes it sound irresistable.

    Well done you!

  2. 13 February 2010 19:19

    Yummy yummy yummy! Did you not let Oli try any :0) x

  3. 14 February 2010 12:16

    I did a review too - Butterscotch was our overall winner.