Thursday, 4 February 2010

Scones Anyone?

I suppose I'm lucky enough to be in a area where we have a council that gives generously to the local Children's centers. One of the activities that was organized with the money was a cooking session with some WI women , when I got asked if I wanted to take part I couldn't say no , especially when I was told there was a creche and we got to bring home the food we made.

Now I'm no Delia Smith , cooking is like a foreign language to me. But these ladies were wonderful , went through everything step by step with me. An the results? A yummy leek & potato soup and some fruit scones.

I forgot my camera so will take it along next week for some photo's of me in action.

I've also been asked if I want to take part in a Bollywood dance class .. Mmm.. Still yet to decide on that one!

On the way home I stopped off in the local charity shop to check out some books to add to Oli' never ending book collection. Whilst paying for a musical Winnie the pooh book (25p) , I looked through to the backroom where I saw people sorting out new stuff and then something caught me eye. I asked if I could have a look at it , and it was exactly what I thought it was - a pop up play tent! Was rather delighted when they said I could have it for the bargain price of £1.99 , I felt rather guilty for having such a steal so I popped a few quid into the collecting bucket!

Once I got it home I was so excited about showing Oli his new play thing that I popped it straight up , couldn't figure out where the poles went so we're hoping Daddy can help with that when he gets home.

We still had some fun playing in it , they were giggles from us both when it fell down and I had to follow Oli out of a window!


  1. 4 February 2010 20:39

    Bless, he's so cute! You MUST do the Bollywood dancing. I did it for a hen night in November and it was great. Really good fun, you must try it!

  2. 4 February 2010 20:46

    The cool thing about toddlers is that they love it no matter if it is put up correctly or not.
    Hugs, andrea

  3. 5 February 2010 14:14

    What a great buy! My little boy had a castle one when he was younger and played for hours. Mich x

  4. 5 February 2010 16:03

    Wow!! Great deal and I see that Oli agrees :-) How long is a hen night?