Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Am I Being Too Soft?

I attempted to suffer a Mother's heartache last night , I say attempted because I just couldn't do it and gave in easily. After much talk between Me & the other half about how Oli sleeps at night and how we're having to get at least a few times to see to him , we came to a decision that we need to change our tactics. You see at the moment whenever he wakes up I make up a bottle (Just pour the powder in as he has it at room temperature) give it to him and then I go back to bed. He falls asleep whilst drinking it and I go back to sleep.

I reluctantly agreed to the other half when he suggested that we leave him to cry it out, my first test of this was just before we went to bed whilst we watching Glee (maybe I was singing along too loudly?) we left him to cry it out. He didn't go back to sleep, the crying got worse if anything so I gave him a bottle filled with just water not milk and he went off.

Which was good because the amount of milk we are going through is ridiculous and its not cheap these boxes of formula. Oli never took to breastfeeding so I dread to imagine how much we have spent on formula since he was born. He regularly drinks cows milk during the day but only once its been stood out of the fridge to cool to room temperature, fussy boy!

He woke again when we went to bed, I don't know if I gave him long enough to try and cry it out but it seemed long enough to me. Hearing him cry hurt too much , it was majorly pulling at my heart strings. I just wanted to go and pick him and cuddle him and promise never to leave him to cry again. I went in with some milk for him which sent him back to sleep.

A few hours later he cried , It wasn't that long but he went to sleep . Just suddenly stopped crying. Later on he awoke again and cried & cried , I couldn't bear it and have him another bottle of milk.

Over the last year I seem to of got used to it , I know he goes to sleep and I know I can get some sleep. Should I really let this habit continue? Part of me wonders if he uses his bottle as a comforter. We weaned him off the dummy back in February but even before then he still wanted his bottle/the milk in the night. He's never used his thumb or a teddy as a comforter so is this way of finding comfort?

Am I being too soft? Should I let him cry it out or am I doing right by seeing to him when he cries. Would love your advice/honest opinions.