Monday, 28 June 2010

I'm No Charlie Dimmock

I'm no Charlie Dimmock as my poor garden is more neglected then my sock pile , It could be compared to a tip what with the broken shed and unused air hockey table somewhere at the back of it.

Of course unlike Charlie I like to wear a bra to keep my assets under control.

This post is especially for the keen gardeners, I want to call on your advice/knowledge. Where would be the best place to start with my garden?
I've been here a couple of years now and we have full permission from the agency to do what we like with the garden. Would you look at me in disgust if I was to say since we moved into this house I've not once attempted to weed or plant flowers of any kind. Of course we keep the grass in great form , we need to otherwise we would loose Oli amongst it!

The weeds which I need to tackle, I was going to take all this out and strip it but then some pretty colourful flowers started to come through and thought it to be evil to get rid of them.
Am I right in thinking that I have a mixture of weeds and flowers going on?

I'm guessing there was no hope with this ever coming back to life so I pulled it down but then realized that I need to take this bit out too.. Do I pull it out at the roots or just take a saw to it?
It was so pretty when it was alive , was nice having something to look at whilst washing up so I may attempt to find a plant that will trail around the window like this one did.

Anyone had any experience with repaving at all? This pavement is horrendous, a eye sore as well as a little dangerous. You're allowed to giggle at this big blue patch, I dropped some paint on it by accident a couple of weeks ago. Note to self : Buy some turps!

I feel a garden improvement weekend coming on , on top of the planting/repaving we have a shed that needs repainting and a front door which could do with a lick of paint.
I would happily invite a bra-less Charlie Dimmock to come and sort my garden out right now!