Friday, 18 June 2010

Are You Bored?

Apparently two thirds of women in Britain are completely bored of their lives. Now for me this is not true , I can never be bored of my life. But am I saying that because I'm on sweet 21? Because I've been on this earth for 21 years have I not been around long enough to be bored of it?

I do use the word 'bored' occasionally when say Oli's napping or busy laying with toys , the house work is all done and there's no studying to do I may say or feel that I am bored because I don't have anything to do at the moment in time. But as a Mother should I ever be bored , do I have a right to be bored when I have my Son around that always needs my attention? Bored isn't a word I want Oli to learn as he grows up , I want him to always be entertained/occupied and when I cant do that - I want him to do it for himself.

But I can see how women can become 'bored' of their lives if it is the same thing each day , over & over again. My life currently means looking after Oli/the house each day and when I return to work that will be a pattern that repeats itself. Are those two thirds 'bored' because they're not receiving enough variety in their lives , if my life was on constant repeat I know I would be bored.

I read that 'being bored with never changing the way we look' and 'being short of money' were reasons why us Women are bored. I agree with those reasons but then instead of being bored I try to do something about it. I change the way I look by getting a new wardrobe quite often , painlessly and rather cheaply by using BigWardrobe. Hair could easily be changed by simply the way you style it/colour it.
Lack of money can be a cause of boredom , I do find that we do more activities/go on days out when we have the money to do so but then days where money is a problem I find something low budget/free to do with the help of the Internet and the local library.

Come 10 years time will I have a change of tune? Will I be included in the two thirds of women who are bored?