Wednesday, 4 August 2010


This week's gallery prompt is 'playtime' and I know what playtime means to every parent out there. It means having a sea of toys scattered across your living room , it means trips to the park, garden activities and so much more. Playtime usually is associated with children. I was going to post some photos of mine & the mans playtime like our outdoor fun and those rare nights out (just to be different!) but playtime to me is mainly about Oli so it was only right to share photos of our playtimes.

Playtime is one of my favourite times with Oli , as much as I love having joint playtime with Daddy I like it even more when it's just me & Oli. It's important bonding time for us , I know we spend alot of time together as I am the stay at home parent but playtime shows him that Mummy isn't all 'Don't do that' or 'No Oli' , it shows him that Mummy is fun and likes to play.