Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Wrong Order

Do you ever think you've had your children in the wrong order?

There's times where I think Oli should of been born as a second child , you see he gets on much better with older children then he does younger children. This has always been the case , I'm not sure if he sees those younger then him as some kind of threat. He cries if anyone younger then him makes any kinda sound , he gets genuinely upset. I'm starting to fear being around anyone younger then Oli in fear of tears and the endless comforting. He's too young to understand the expression 'man up' just yet.

This was proven all of last week when we stayed at friends who had both a 7month old (Mr A) and a 5 year old (TB). Every noise that Mr A would make would set Oli off , we had car journeys where Mr A would do a little gurgle and then it would cause him to break out in tears.
But when it came to TB he would happily listen and play with him! Maybe he just understands grown up noises more then baby noises. Hopefully it will be just a phrase which he'll grow out of soon enough (I hope!).

I'll never know if Oli was much better suited to being the second child just like I'll never know what he will be like as a older brother when the time comes to have another.

Those with 2 or more children , do you ever wish you could change the order of which one came out first/last?