Friday, 20 August 2010

Quality Or Quantity

How often do you blog?

Do you do it daily or are you like me and make it a 'if & when' task. It was only this morning I looked at my blog to see when I last posted which was Tuesday. So not that bad.. only a couple of days ago. I then felt slightly naughty for not doing one on Wednesday or even having one scheduled to post for yesterday when I wasn't around.

I shouldn't feel naughty though as it is my blog and I admit to having the 'I will will write whatever I want , whenever I want' attitude, I think this is a great one to adopt. I'm not a writer with deadlines who has to write like a expert, my blog posts are often full of grammar/spelling mistakes (I bet even this one if full of them!) which makes me think about the quality over the quantity when it comes to blogging. Isn't it better to have a post on your blog which you're happy about and is a interesting read for both you and the reader, not something which was put together in a few minutes just for the sake of blogging everyday. But then does that make me a bad blogger for not having something to blog about everyday?

I do have draft posts wrote up , random post ideas that just come to me and I note them down and write about it. I could use those on days I suppose where I'm not sure what to publish on my blog that day but then timing just doesn't seem right for them to be posted on that day. Does that make sense? I would rather leave my blog empty for one day and have 0 traffic then put something out there purely for the basis of daily blogging.

Blogging for me is a hobby , I have shared many time that the reason I started it was as a diary to keep track of all those firsts. I found it enjoyable to read other mother's blogs about children and then that's when people started to read mine. I eventually found British Mummy Bloggers and then realised I was a Mummy Blogger , I hadn't signed myself up to some exclusive club by becoming a Mummy blogger (though it helps if you are a Mother with a child!) it was just something I fell into. I fit it around me -I do try to do the full lump of it when Oli naps which means I usually have a post out about midday. The same goes with twitter , I'm often found yapping away around midday for coffee chat , the gossip and the blog posts which get promoted (who needs google reader when you have twitter?!) .

What do you think.. do you think quality should come before quantity or do you think it should be the other way round?