Monday, 23 August 2010

The Positive Side To Mummy Blogging

Blogging to me is a fun outlet , the perfect way to express myself and get those everyday issues off my chest and no matter what anyone says no one will take that away from me and if that means simply cutting out any negativity in the form of a block button so be it. I've experienced enough bullying to last a lifetime. So in the light of all all this recent 'negativity' I just wanted to share the positives and shine the light on all that is good about parent blogging.

We are friends with something in common - we all have children. This is why most of us blog hence the tittle parent blogger. We all have friendships outside twitter/blogging but then we all have this major friendship going on via our keyboards. I know I'm not the only one who shares more with her blogging friends then some of those real life friends. Yes there will be little spats, it's unavoidable! It happens in the real world so of course its going to happen in the cyberworld. Instead of taking sides lets help each other work out what the problem is.
We can have fun especially via the fun bloggy events that are often put on for us such as Millets Farm , The nutella event at legoland and the first toylogists meet-up. I get excited every time a PR offers to send me on a day out/sponsored trip because not only does it mean I get to have fun it means I get to actually meet the people behind all those fantastic blogs I read. If you read tweets/posts about bloggers attending such things then please please don't get jealous or upset , your time will come - trust me!
We can do good and a example of this is - Josie , Eva & Sian are flying out in 8 days to Bangladesh all of which and why is explained in there recent blog posts. And how about the bloggers for Haiti that went on early this year - So far amongst us we've raised £4,356.50 (you can still donate!) we did this as a team and by working together , we blogged and tweeted in our hundreds. Surely this makes blogging alone worth while?
Opportunities .. gosh I don't even like writing (let that be our little secret!) and yet I've had opportunities such as guest posting on some amazing blogs/websites. I'm even going to be part of a new blogging community/forum for babybornfree which has all come from just pouring words into this little corner of cyberspace. Think about the opportunities blogging has given you and what the future will bring opportunity wise.
We are supportive of each other. We share good/bad news and we receive appropriate support in the form of a few comforting words. I know when I have a problem/issue the first place I turn to is either twitter/to blog. This doesn't make me sad , I just know where to go for the right support. We read each other's posts , we comment and we discuss them , it cant get more supportive then that. We help each other through hard times , There's times where I'm not sure my sanity would still be intact today if it wasn't for you guys.
Freebies/Money is something some of us do get along side our usual blogging. I wasn't sure whether to use this as a example of positives because this isn't what blogging is about and I know this is what some of the negativity has been about. The freebies are not exactly freebies , they are from a partnership we enter into with a PR and in exchange for a item they get a honest review and some advertising for it via our blogs. Both the PR & us get something out of that. In terms of money this is mostly from sponsored posts , this is a post a blogger writes in which he/she gets paid for it. Most of us bloggers are in fact stay at home mums living off one income and I can tell you from personal experience that this is a struggle so if we do get offered the odd £50 here and there for some writing then of course we're going to say yes. If reviews/sponsored posts are something you're interested in then don't sit there quietly to yourself wishing you could do that , ask the blogger where you read these kind of things how they got into it.
We're getting noticed! I cant be the only one that was excited to read about the rise and rise of the 'mummy bloggers' over on the BBC website this morning. It was like I had won sports day all over again , I was beaming with pride! That's us that the BBC are talking about , our community.

Surely all this is something to be proud of?

And with regards to the negatives? To me there isn't any.. These positives are way to good to even consider there being any negative sides to it. If you do find it getting you down or getting too much then there's always the power off button.