Thursday, 28 October 2010

Baby Competition's

The latest baby competition to hit the scene has been causing controversy. You know those competitions where you submit your cutest photo of your little cherry blossom and then get every Tom, Dick & Harry that you know or even don't know to vote for them.

People who mainly the mothers of these Cherry Blossom's are outraged at the cheating that is going on. They are claiming that online groups that are being set up are unfair because strangers that don't know each other shouldn't be swapping votes. After all it's a competition of 'vote for the cutest baby' and not a free for all as some of the complaints are suggesting.

Comments about 'peedo' groups being set up online to look at the photos are being typed and disgusted Mothers are posting messages addressing the company asking them to take down the picture they submitted of there child. Why surely they should of thought about this before submitting a photo?? If you place a photo of your cherry blossom online then it's out there for EVERYONE to see.

Anyone that is worried about this, The company have said this on the subject - Safety is our primary concern and for this reason we moderate every image before it appears in our competition gallery and monitor the page 24 hours a day. The nature of modelling means that a child model's image appears in the public domain be that on TV, press or online.

But then the T & C's state that photos should be a colour photo and can not include any other person in the photo. Going through the photos I can see rather a few that are black and white and contain pictures of brothers and sisters. How about the baby with a birthmark that was rejected.

You only have to go over to there to see how this has all unfolded.

If they're entering the competition and are following the T & C's then surely they are doing nothing wrong??

I personally wouldn't enter my Son into it, I'm just not a fan of competitions where I need to get people to vote for my child. I don't need votes to tell me that my child is the cutest one around. I'm not a fan of the pressure and the herding of every Tom,Dick & Harry to go click/email/like to get me one step closer to winning. My town like most has a newspaper competition where you go have your baby's photo taken and then a few weeks later it appears in the paper where you then get everyone you know to vote for your child. I enter his but not for the actual competition, we got a good deal on the photos that get taken. I think I bought like several half decent photos of Oli last time for like £10. His image went into the paper, but I didn't give it another thought after that.

The town I used to live currently have there competition going on and by gosh don't I know about it, my facebook wall has been filled up with begs of votes, constantly getting invited to facebook groups and I'm even getting txt messages ask for to vote for there child who I've never even met and never even seen a photo of myself!

If you are that serious about having your child become a child super model then why not enter them directly yourself into a agency.

Would love to know what you think - Are these Mummy's being silly over nothing and would you enter your child? Do you think it's a fair competition?