Monday, 4 October 2010

I've given my son a life of obesity and heart disease

That's the latest 'lets-make-you-feel-like-a-bad-mother-for-not-breastfeeding' article to hit the papers.

Will they ever stop trying to make us feel guilty with these silly studies?

I've blogged many a times in the past on the whole bottle feeding vs breastfeeding debate. Actually let me re-word that because there is nothing to be debated, on the bottle feeding and breastfeeding issue that many of us Mothers seem to face.

Thew new crap on the block is that 'bottle feeding our babies can lead to adult obesity', oh and a life of heart diseases. Mustn't forget that heart disease which obviously is going to be the cause of Oli's death come 80 years on , simply because I fed him as a baby.
Yes that aptamil that gave Oli all he needed in the form of food and nutrients in his first year is going to come back and bite him in the arse when he's older. When he reaches for that cheese burger , it was because of the bottle of formula milk I gave him.

I was bottle fed and I neither overweight and am not a emotional eater as one of the commenter's suggested bottle fed people are. Oli was bottle fed from day one because I couldn't breastfeed and he has always been on the perfect end of the scale each time. So how about they come and do a 'study' on my child and found out exactly how formula milk effected him? No doubt they will blame the fact he's not talking on being bottle fed, give it a month or 2 and that will be the next headline - ' bottle feeding and not breastfeeding stops your baby from talking' .

When will these 'studies' realise that us parents do best by our children. We do what we can with our children's best interests at heart. We all know breastfeeding is best , there's no secret about it but isn't giving my son a bottle of formula the second best thing to do? They might as well suggest that I'm giving him bottles of gin!

You can read the Guardian article here and make up your own mind about it.