Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fisher Price Play Party

I'm not sure who was more excited about the Fisher Price play party that we were invited too, I was excited about seeing some blogging friends and finding out all about Fisher Price, The other half was excited about meeting Tamzin Outhwaite and Oli was naturally excited about the toys. We went along to The Baby Show in Earls Court, London which Fisher Price sponsor and run the creche.

As soon as Oli walked into the room, he went straight over to the toys where he made some new friends.

We chatted with the other Mummy's and I even got a cuddle from Second Time Mummy's gorgeous Little E. Mummy Matters was also with her adorable Beanie Boy, I left the party feeling rather broody!

Dr Deborah Weber who is head of product research for Fisher Price gave a presentation on the creation of the toys, we saw pictures of the Fisher Price play laboratory which was established in 1961. It's lucky they didn't hold the presentation there as I don't think we would of ever left!

It's fascinating learning how they come up with these ideas for the toys our children play with and how they develop from a idea and a sketch to a toy which is then sold on to us via the shops. In the play lab they observe thousands of children each year playing and trying out new toys. They also take the products out to homes for actual real home usage. There's also a mums panel, where they talk to Mothers just like us about what we want to see our children playing with.

We learnt that the ideas for new toys come from the designers own ingenuity and creativity, submissions from freelance design firms and unique combinations such as the Fisher Price bubbles & lawn mower. Ideas also come from trends & lifestyles, trades shows & conferences and retailers suggestions.

I remember just after Oli came out of the baby stage where we had used things such as playmats and swingers for the last 9 months , Fisher Price bought out a rainforest range which I simply fell in love with. They have a way of making baby products look welcoming, friendly and fun. Even if the range isn't around when the next baby comes along , I know Fisher Price will have replaced it with something I would love even more!

Oli with his

Looking around my living room I can see Fisher Price on most of Oli's toys, from day one we used Fisher Price as his first car seat. Come Christmas day I know we will be joined by more Fisher Price toys such as the Roll n Racers Spinnin' Sounds Raceway which he really enjoyed playing with at the party.

Thank You Fisher Price for inviting us to the play party, we had a brilliant time!!

I'll leave you with some photo's of Oli playing with his new friends Little M & Jasper.