Saturday, 2 October 2010

Timmy Time School Play House & Pop Up Goal

We have a HUGE Timmy Time fan in our house , we have screams of excitement when Timmy Time comes on the TV. It's the one program where he will sit and watch all the way through. He was sent the perfect item to review for a TT fan - Timmy Time school play house & pop up goal.

There was excitement when we first got it out of the box and popped it up , it's held by a few poles which are easily inserted in seconds so it's payable within seconds.
We've never thought about purchasing Oli a play house before because we thought it was for the much older toddlers , but the Timmy school house is perfect as it's not one likely to cause injury , it's made out of fabric so is soft enough to not do any damage when Oli chucks himself through the door.
It can pushed over and not do any harm to surface or child , Oli had a day where he preferred playing with it flat and poking his head out of the hole's to say boo!

The play house isn't one of those huge wide ones , as big as it looks its compact. It has enough room for both me and Oli to sit in and doesn't take up too much room in the house which means it can stay up in the living room for him to play whenever he likes.

As well as the play house , you also receive a pop up goal and inflatable football. This scored brownie points the football fanatic Daddy who took Oli straight outside and showed him how to kick the ball into the goal. I would of happily payed the money for the house by itself so to received a extra pop up and a football is providing more for for your money which is always a winner in my book.

It could be the perfect present for any Timmy Time fan this Christmas and if you pop over to Argos they currently have it on sale.

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