Thursday, 14 October 2010

A Fairytale Ending

I like a good fairytale story , you know the one where something bad happens to someone and then the hero comes to rescue them...

The Chile Miners became trapped back on August the 5th when the main tunnel access collapsed. They were found to be alive on the 17th day when rescuers sent down a probe 700m down to them, the miners sent back up a note to say they were alive.
The space that they continued to live in for the next 2 months was apparently the same size as a small flat.

The rescuers then over the next couple of months sent them down food , re-hydration packs and equipment which allowed the miners to keep in contact with there families.

Can you even for a minute imagine what the families went through and how they felt those 17 days without knowing if there sons , fathers , brothers and even grandfathers were alive or not? That relief that they felt when they heard they were still alive? As mother's ourselves we can only just imagine the pain those other mother's were feeling at the thought of there child being stuck down there.

69 days after the Chile Miners entered the mine they left , it may of took 22 hours and a narrow capsule through a smooth -walled shaft of rock but those 33 trapped miners were free. I sat and watched most of this throughout the night and yesterday , you couldn't help but to shed tears when you see these miners pop up in the capsule to get out to greet there waiting family member and friends. I shared there tears of relief , but obviously my relief could never compare to there's.

The rescuers exceed there expectation , where it was orginally thought to take months and months to get them out , they bought together a plan which got all the trapped miners out in 22 hours and 37 minutes after spending exactly 69 days and 8 hours in that mine.

Mission Accomplished" a sign held up by rescuers when all 33 miners were safely on the surface.

I'm so glad this story had a happy ending.