Friday, 22 October 2010

Tonka Chuck and Friends: Chuck’s Stunt Park

The Tonka Chuck and Friends play set is something which will be at the top of most boy's Christmas list this year. We were sent one to review and to find out exactly why it will be top of those Christmas lists.

It was simple to put together and didn't take any longer then 5 minutes which is ideal come Christmas day and the kids are desperate to play with it. I learnt when Daddy got home that I should of at least looked at the box or the instructions before ripping it open to play with as I didn't realise the car was motorised and moved itself around the track. Yes my first mummy 'toy' fail.

Seriously I was excited enough with how me & Oli had been playing with it all day let alone when Daddy turned round to us and said that after we insert batteries into the car it would move by itself.

Oli's into cars BIG time at the moment so when he saw the motorised car his face was a right picture, he's one going on 5 so with a recommended age of 3+ the stunt park was perfect for him at that in between toy stage he seems to be in.

His favourite part in the stunt park where he keeps putting the car on is the bridge where the car does a two wheeler stunt.

Lift the handle to help the car up the track, this has sound too which gives Oli the giggles every time he sets it off.

The car moves along the track

and down the mountain where it does some rather cool back flips!

The track pieces can be adjusted to make the car go where you want it to go.

The car can also move around off the track which is brilliant as Oli has been taking it everywhere to play, and by everywhere I mean we even found it in our bed the other day!

The great thing about the Tonka chuck set is you can add to it creating bigger race courses and adding to the original excitement. We plan on buying extra cars for it and asking other family members to buy the other sets for Christmas.

You can buy Chuck's Stunt Park from Argos for £39.99 or you could head over to Toys R Us where they currently have it on sale at £34.99.