Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Family Ski Holidays

Something I look forward to doing when Oli has completely left those baby years behind is looking into family ski holidays. As a family who like both adventures and getting away a ski holiday may be just the perfect kind of holiday for us.

Inghams are full of advice for anyone planning on going skiing as a family, they seem to have everything sussed right down to the FREE supervised creches which are provided for guest staying at there hotels. Guess that would be rather handy if we wanted to hit the slopes minus Oli.

Looking at all the different resorts available... I like the sounds of ski Switzerland which offers the perfect blend of skiing and snowboarding. So whilst the other half is going down the slopes on his ski's I can hit them with my snowboard which is more of my kind of thing.

I applaud them on the low prices, I know holidays with kids are not cheap but at Inghams they offer 50% for children (up to the age of 11) at selected hotels and and chalets across there resorts. Not only that but inmnay resortsthey also FREE ski pack items for Children. How about looking into what deals they offer like the Andorra Ski deals to save on those £££.

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