Friday, 22 June 2012

Appearances are deceiving

What I learnt today is that appearances are deceiving, what we thought was going to be a rather cool looking leisure park and shipping center actually turned out not to be. The website made it look much more exciting then it was, oh well. We did come away with some cheap washing detergent though and saw a rather angry peacock shaking her feathers.

I won a Father's Day competition over at Urbanvox which gave the man £25 worth of Pub Vouchers thanks to Drop Gifts. The man kindly decided not to spend all of it on pints and use it for a meal for us all, so using the website to find our nearest restaurant that accepted them. We ended up at a hungry horse pub - LOVE hungry horse menus as they always seem to have some of the best meaty pub dishes. You would of never of thought that I had the following plate whilst the man settled with sausages & mash.

Seeing as the weather was still rather rubbish, we headed back to the resort where we were staying for some toddler disco dancing and for some BINNGGGOOOOOO. Where we had that whole 1 number away from winning experience.