Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day with ALDI

We got asked by the guys at ALDI if I would like to cook the daddy of all breakfasts for the man this Father's Day. Of course I'm not one to turn down the chance to try out some new bacon so happily accepted. The man was pleased when he heard he was receiving a fry up for Father's Day, even more pleased that he didn't have to cook it. Though it did mean I had to make myself familiar with the frying pan.

Opening the hamper we received, it had everything we needed to cook a full fry up - from the sausages to the orange juice. Now instead of me babbling about what we received, why not watch this video which tells you exactly what we received in our hamper and what we cooked.

We both really enjoyed the breakfasts, everything was good for value and for around £1 for each item that's not a bad a price to pay out. Means you're only paying like £2.50 each for a breakfast which you could make a few of if you were to spread the ingredients out.