Monday, 11 June 2012

Flowers from Interflora

Have you ever thought about sending flowers for Father's Day? I didn't until I was browsing the flowers from Interflora. We as women may usually get flowers from men for Father's Day but why not turn it around and get them some flowers or even a plant for their special day. They have gifts too, from alcoholic gift sets which can be personalized to biscuit tins for dad to munch on with a cup of tea or 2.

So many options to choose from when it comes to using Interflora to send a gift, you could choose a giftcard so that if you're not quite sure what kind of flowers the person you're wanting to send some too favour - they can choose some for themselves. They even cater for other items you may need when it comes to special occasions such as balloon bouquets and hampers.

Interflora even do a same day delivery service where if you were to order before 3pm, Monday - Saturday the expert florists will deliver that very same day. Though if they're not needed that day, they do offer lots of other delivery options. Customer service and getting hold of them won't be a issue with the customer service helpline and their presence on a number of social networks such as twitter and facebook. You can even find Interflora on your mobile with the Interflora iphone and android apps.

The Interflora website is designed so you can clearly see what you want and then navigate to it easily. Like at the moment, the next occasion is Father's Day so in the sidebar and advertised you'll see the relevant categories, this can be applied to Mother's Day's, Christmas's and occasion in general - anniversary, new baby and general thank you flowers, they have it all. If you're after a certain flower or browsing for something in particular, there's a search box in the top right corner which will help you find what you're after.