Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A balloon festival.. Without the balloons!

We seized the fact that we had good weather for a change on Saturday and headed off to the local balloon festival, the local balloon festival without any balloons! Sadly because of the bad weather with the days leading up to the festival, the balloons were cancelled. It was mentioned that there would be a kite stunt display instead, disappointing to only see about 3 kites flying. Despite that though we still had a fantastic day.

It was the first time we've attended something like this with the 4 of us, we decided to walk to it so our first challenge was figuring how to do the traveling, Oli's little legs can only go so far so we put him in the pram, I did try putting him on my back in my Stokke MyCarrier but he wasn't having none of it - so Dylan went in the carrier instead. I think if I'm wanting to leave the house with both of them by myself (I've still not tackled that mountain yet!) this is what I'm going to have to do. Gotta admit it was joyful not having to go to the effort of having to prepare bottles for Dylan, I just popped my feeding cover in the changing bag.

The boys were so well behaved, the man caught up with some of his friends at the bar and Dylan stayed with him whilst he was snoozing and me and Oli hit the funfair. He's not a big fan of rides, but adored the train! We went on this twice (my poor purse!) and he even went on the big slide, so much for him being scared of heights. Dylan had no choice but to experience his first fairground ride whilst feeding him. The day was made for Oli when his cousin came and joined in, they danced the evening away to the live music. Sadly we were all back home and in bed for the fireworks, though we did hear them going off.