Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Freedom Babe

I knew from the moment I saw Vic from Glowstars a couple of years ago using a Freedom Babe cover when breastfeeding her littlest Mr A, that I would want one when I had another child and if I managed to breastfeed. Happily I've had both a child and managed to successfully breastfeed this time. Of course the first thing on my breastfeeding shopping list was a feeding apron from Freedom Babe.

Now I know aprons/covers/covering up isn't for everyone who breastfeeds, many mothers are comfortable doing it without these and so they should. Breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of and no one should ever need/be told to or even feel like they have to cover up.

For me though, I feel much more comfortable when in public using it, I guess it comes off my shyness. The first time I used it (top photo) I was at my in laws, I took it out of its storage bag and popped it over my head whilst Dylan was on my lap. It has a flexible neck feature which rests against your body giving you a gap to look down at baby so you can see what is going on, I like using this to maintain eye contact with him whilst feeding. We've even used it the feeding apron whilst on a fairground ride.

I have come to the stage now after several weeks of breastfeeding where I'm starting to be confident about feeding in public without the cover, the cover has helped me with building this confidence whilst both me and Dylan have got to grips with latching on and the positions we feed in.

Unlike feeding cloths/blankets which I've seen mothers drape across babies, the freedom babe is 100% cotton and has that space where you can see baby. I've been warned that older babies when breastfeeding can get distracted so I'm hoping this will also be a great tool to keep him concentrating on feeding.