Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Driving lessons? But you're pregnant!

Yeah this is what the man came out with a few weeks ago when I announced that I was going to have driving lessons. Seriously, the stuff these men can come out with really does make you giggle at times. I think my reply was something that was snarky, about how I still had perfect use of my hands, feet & eyes and that my brain was still functioning perfectly fine and that the only thing different about me is that I'm carrying his son around.

I've been feeling ok lately, nothing has gone wrong and I've not seen the inside of a hospital in a few weeks (well apart from Oli's A&E visit) so no worries on that front. I guess it was just such a strange thought for him having me behind the wheel knowing that we're popping out a baby sometime next month. I'm not huge so no worries about trying to fit bump behind the wheel
and as I told the man, there's women that even drive themselves to the hospital when in labour.

I have had lessons before and can in theory kinda drive, just not legally. When I was 18 I was learning to drive but then moved to a island with no cars which put a end to my lessons. Guess since then and popping out babies, I've just come to rely on the man. That's kinda getting boring now, so when I saw a great offer on lessons I thought I would go ahead and finish what I started. And yes darling man of mine, whilst pregnant.