Monday, 26 March 2012

Innocent Seed Sowing & Competition

The other week we blogged about growing with Innocent this spring and how at the moment until the end of April they are giving away free seeds in
every box of Innocent kids' smoothies or fruit tubes. There are six to collect - carrots, tomatoes, cress, basil, violets & sunflowers and Innocents aim is to get millions of children outside planting and harvesting their own little gardens this spring/summer.

We had our nephew around for tea so I seized my chance on getting the help of two little toddlers to plant some seeds with me. The blog post I wrote a
bout saving up our innocent cartons showed a little piccy of the seeds which are inside of the boxes, they're little pop out seed packets which degrade in the soil. Means no getting seeds all over the place as the toddlers were able to just pop the little seed packets into their cartons full of soil. Of course we got the soil all over the place, but I believe the more mess you create the more the fun has been had.

Once we had planted our seeds and covered them in soil and gave them a little water, we labelled what seeds we had planted with the little description labels we cut from the boxes. We didn't have enough for all of them, so we re-used the part of the seed packets which we didn't need which had the name of the seed on them to mark what our seeds were. We also re-used our empty boxes to use as holders for our plants whilst we wait for our little seeds to turn into seedlings, we had just as much fun making and decorating these boxes as we did planting our seeds.

We've teamed up with the guys at Innocent for a competition where you can win your very own watering can kit for your little one. They're even chucking in some Innocent vouchers so you can stock up on some cartons ready to plan your seeds. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is answer the following question:

If one box of Innocent Kids' Smoothies contains 4 cartons, then how many boxes did I buy to give me the amount of cartons in the photo below?

The competition is open to UK residents and ends a week today on the 2nd April 2012. Winner will be drawn at random. If you're already growing some Innocent sends then why not using the hashtag #innocentseeds
or share one over on