Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I'm going to BlogCamp UK

Next month I'm attending a blogging event called BlogCamp. Here's my meet & greet so that other attendees going to BlogCamp get to know a little about me before the day. It also gives you the lowdown on me in case you're new to reading my blog. I may be slightly crazy attending next month as it's around the same time I'm due to pop out this baby. I'm hoping baby will come either the week before so that he can come along with me or that he comes anytime after, just not during as it may disturb my cake eating slightly.

Name: Emma

Blog: The one you're reading right now - Me, The Man & The Baby


My Blog’s About: Me! Sometimes about the man, though I try not to usually write about him as it makes him big headed. It's about my toddler who was once the baby but then developed a attitude and a love of anything with wheels where we then declared him a toddler. And in the last several months its became a diary of my pregnancy, though when I say diary I mean a place where I've done nothing but moan about my problems. In general my blog is about my family life and how I'm surviving it all.

Likes: Blogging and anything social media related, Spending time with my boys, Mexican food, Watching CSI & Law Order, Pretty shoes, Pastel colours and BBQs.

Dislikes: Toad in the hole, TV soaps, Ticking clocks, Standing on small toys, Yo Gabba Gabba, Clothes shopping and Potty training.